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Stop in and see for yourself our most popular boats, the G-3 CCJ series.

These are the boats designed by G-3 boats and Lakeside Marine for the shallow water of

the Susquehanna River.

G-3 took the Gator Tough 16, 17, 18, and 20ft jon boats and created a boat that will run in

inches of water.


First they designed a tunnel in the bottom of the boat that would channel water to jet

pump and raise the already shallow running Yamaha jet outbard motor another 2".  


Then they moved the center console and trolling motor batteries forward in the boat for

better weight distribution. Imagine where you would fish if you could run in inches

of water.

 Tiller outboard jet packages are also available in the

NON-tunneled 1860 and 1652.


These packages are powered sufficiently with

Yamaha's EFI Four Stroke 40/30 Jet or 60/40 Jet